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    Her name was Auroura
    She was only five
    This is what happened
    When she was alive

    Her dad was a drunk
    Her mom was an addict
    Her parents kept her
    Locked in an attic

    Her only friend
    was a little toy bear
    It was old and worn out
    And had patches of hair

    She always talked to it
    When no one's around
    She lays there and hugs it
    Not a peep of sound

    Until her parents
    unlock the door
    Some more and more pain
    She'll have to endure

    A bruise on her leg
    A scar on her face
    Why would she be
    In such a horrible place?

    But she grabs her bear
    And softly cries
    She loves her parents
    But they want her to die

    She sits in the corner
    Quiet but thinking,
    "God, why? Why is
    My life always sinking?"

    Such a bad life
    For a sad little kid
    She'd get beaten and beaten
    For anything she did

    Then one night
    Her mom came home high
    The poor child was hit and slapped
    As hours went by

    Then her mom suddenly
    Grabbed for a blade
    It was sharp and pointy
    One that she made

    She thrust the blade
    Right into her chest,
    "You deserve to die
    You worthless pest!"

    The mom walked out
    Leaving the girl slowly dying
    She grabbed her bear
    And again started crying

    Police showed up
    At the small little house
    They quickly barged in
    Everything was as quiet as a mouse

    One officer slowly
    Opened a door
    To find the sad little girl
    Lying on the floor

    It must have been bad
    To go through so much harm
    But at least she died
    With her best friend in her arms

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