General details

  • Amethyst_Lily

  • ~Scotland~

  • Emma Quinton

  • Braidhurst High

  • English

In short

  • Why hello there =D

    My name's Emma and I like many things.
    Including Anime/manga etc, Music (pretty much all kinds ^.^ not R&B though D:), Cosplay, Sci-fi stuffs, Reading, Tim Burton movies, Photography, Nature, Lolita, Starry skys, the ocean and Writing =D

    I also have quite a few dislikes but let's not go into that as it's rather boring tbh =]

    Although.. I am rather proud to say I am one of the 10% (roughly) of female teens who DESPISES the twilight saga. Vampires shouldn't sparkle. It is unhealthy. >.<
    and on a random note, does anyone else thinks the Robert Pattinson dude looks homeless?

    I also dislike the stereotypical 'emo'/'scene' kids who think it's great to slash themselves open and advertise it. (now, before I get myself eaten I do understand not all emos/scene kids do this and that emo/scene kids aren't the only ones who do this but the people that do sicken me to be quite honest >.<)

    I adore writing and hope to become an author in the not-too-distant- future..
    I'm writing a novel which as of yet lacks a title (writers block D:) and have written many poems and short stories.

    I'm also in love with Music~ :]
    I play Piano, Cello, Violin, Guitar and I sing..
    I'm also learning Flute and  French Horn =]
    My favourite music genres have to be Industrial or Symphonic metal and I love songs whose lyrics tell a story and whose music sends you to a faraway place <3

    I'd say I'm a rather happy person~ It really doesn't take a lot to make me smile xD

    Life is good, I enjoy life ^___^

    I like to talk so talk if you wish =)

    I think that's all for now so.. Goodbye~~

  • I have none~ I don't feel that one is necessary~ =]

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Alternative History, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Graphic Novel, Horror, Literary, Mystery, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story, Teen, Thriller/Suspense, Urban

    Non-Fiction: Body, Mind & Spirit, Crafts & Hobbies, History, Humor, Medicine, Music, New Age & Spirituality, Outdoors & Nature, Philosophy, Popular Science, Psychology, Science, True Crime

    Poetry: General

  • Most manga books, The White Witch, Angels & Demons, Curious Incident of the dog in the Nighttime, The Da Vinci Code, Blood Pressure, Hold on, East of Eden, of Mice and Men, Clockwork Orange, Chronicles of Narnia and Lord Loss.
  • East of Eden, The white witch (for the billionty-ith time.. I love this book =D) Pheonix Fireheart: Open your eyes! (a friend of mine's work in progress)
  • Anywhere quiet and where I can be alone, really =]
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Alternative History, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Graphic Novel, Horror, Literary, Mystery, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story, Teen

    Poetry: General

  • If anyone's seen/read the anime/manga Elfen Lied then I'd like to be the main character, Lucy/Nyuu/Kaede for a day =D
  • Allan Gibbons, Elizabeth Goudge, Darren Shan, Stephen King, Dan Brown, John Steinbeck, Masashi Kishimoto and the likes =]