• Muse where are you?

General details

  • Anna_Kist

  • Directly above the centre of the Earth

  • Nemesis

  • Arkham Asylum Junior & Secondary.

  • English

In short

  • Im not out to offend anyones religion but sometimes I do just for an honest reaction.
    Apart from that youll find some of my stuff completely doo-lally-tap, an honest reflection of its crazed author.

    I Like:
    Humour in all forms especially dark humour & utter insanity.
    Writing Limericks just for you.
    Ripping you a new asshole.
    Converting you to Atheism or Satan as its known to most christians.
    Offending the Pope.
    PG Tips, milk, one sugar.

  • It was me in the white Fiat Uno in that French tunnel

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Humor/Satire

    Non-Fiction: Humor

  • Varied & eclectic
  • This
  • The Throne
  • Sucks.
  • Fiction: Humor/Satire

    Non-Fiction: Humor

  • I'd like to be the letter 'E'
  • Harry Harrison
    Roald Dahl
    Jay Hawkins
    Ray Bradbury
    Aldous Huxley
    William Burroughs
    Lewis Carroll
    Neil Gaiman
    The list goes on....