• Fleshing out most of my characters.

General details

  • CR_Rose

  • Texas

  • Female

  • English

In short

  • Confession: I really dislike filling out these 'about me' sections, I figure if you want to get to know a person you'll read what they write, you'll talk to them...but well here it goes.

    I'm currently in college I love to read, write, draw, and do photography among other things. It has always been one of my greatest aspirations to become at the least, a published author, though being famous wouldn't hurt.
     I try to write a little bit at least every day, just to keep the jucies flowing, even if it's one sentence that no one but myself will ever read.
    Though it can be difficult I also like to try my hand at writing different genres, though this isn't my first choice when I start writing, but it does help in all aspects.
    There isn't too much else to add here, as I said before if you wantto get to know a person, at least talk to them, there are so many things that are said in conversations that you would never realize about a person from one of these 'About Me' boxes.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Relic  By Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child
  • Little bits and pieces.
    Things here and there.
    Sentences and poems.
    Short Stories and Novels.
    Anything and everything.
    The pen never stops.