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  • Look Dimension up.

    My favorite writing from me:
    Life is young, don't feel so down and out.  You still have ages to go and others to meet, my friends all up and left me too, It's almost a natural thing to do.  Forgive them for this, cry some tears, then take control.

    I was feeling so alone when I discovered my last two friends weren't coming around for a while, as of now, I think they are living for themselves, now, which is not always bad thing, because people do what they do for a reason.  One is in college all the time, the other has a family to raise.  And to pursure their responsibilities, most people can't be handling another's person's shit.  That's why you forgive them.

    Feeling alone makes you alone.  Open up, if just by a little or by a lot, but leave the past behind.  It holds you back, makes you look around and not see that you are surrounded by many many things...and there are people out there, waiting for you to say hi.

    I am anti interaction so I can't say I say hi to people but if you want to get out the the funk, leave it!  Don't tell it to leave, you leave it.  It won't go anywhere on its own because you're creating it so let it go. It's not worth it!

    Song now :

  • Fame is shame.  Unless it's history, forever and everness.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • A Moonlit Gate = bawwaba mooad'a be daw' al qamar
    بوابة مضاءة بضوء القمر

    Guardian = haris

    Guardian of The Moonlit Gate = haris al bawwaba al mooda'a be daw' al qamar
    حارس البوابة المضاءة بضوء القمر
  • A Genie or something in Japanese myth.