• The second chapter of Keeper of the Keys: Evangeline and my Poland App for Animal-Talia

General details

  • Faking_humanity

  • Ardmore, OK

  • Courtney

  • None, taking a year off

  • Female

  • English

In short

  • Not to sound like one of those deep sounding people who are really just BSing it, but who really knows anything about themselves?

  • Absolutley nothing, yet. Actually I wrote a paper in fith grade about recycling that got me a certificate made out of recycled blue jeans and a stuffed aluminum can. I've also done several OOs for those of you who know what those are. (mainly speechies lol) Lots of fanfiction. Some of it quite good, some of it a bit popular.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Historical Fiction, Multicultural, Novella, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Non-Fiction: History

    Screenplay: Action, Comedy, Documentary, Fantasy, Love/Romance, Musical

    Poetry: General, Personal / Confessional, Romantic / Love, Song Lyrics

  • Oryx and Crake...Anything by Margaret Atwood, really.
  • Death on the Nevski Prospekt and what there is so far of Halycon: The Harbringer

    Wow...that was like 2 years ago! Now I'm reading The Bend, a webcomic (sort of) about Cannabalism. You should check it out.
  • In a tree, the loft above my bed at my mom's cabin at work, my bowl chair, stuffed into a corner somewhere.
  • Fanfiction, mostly South Park. mizuni_no_neko on fanfiction.net

    check me out if you want.
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Alternative History, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Gay/Lesbian, Horror, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen

    Poetry: Personal / Confessional, Romantic / Love

  • I'm pretty happy being me right now, thanks.
  • Margaret Atwood, J.K. Rowling, my ex boyfriend is pretty good for a hateful jerk.