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In short

  • Currently I have started a group called "Author's Workshop," which is shaping out to be a nice forum. http://www.webook.com/community/groupInfo.aspx?gId=1ca87b9328724ad9aa8b558cf9ef975e

    In it I am workshopping a short novel that I am working on called Playing Chess With the General.
    Any feedback you leave will be greatly considered and will of course be returned on some of your writing.

    As for me:
    I actually do look something like the graffiti that is my avatar, I mean, at least I've got the hat.
    I am 24 and I write everyday in a small library with a terrible selection of English Books. In addition I study law everyday and the Spanish language (which makes sense considering everyone here speaks Spanish). In my spare time I eat and sleep and occasionally perform rituals by casting shadows of different people onto the walls of my room where they maneuver until they are occupying the same space - I think this is more satisfying than regular sex, meaning I think the shadows are the real winners, for overcoming the indestructible barriers that we cannot - except in childbirth and genetic coding. I find blood and DNA incredibly fascinating.

  • 1. I will gladly trade feedback with anyone who requests!!

    2. When Jules and I lived in California by the Valley of the Moon we would always bathe in Jack London's bathtub but now I am spend my days ambling along the narrow cobbled streets of Lorca's Granada with an umbrella, shunning the inevitable lottery tickets and listening to asthmatic accordionistas.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Herzog (Saul Bellow), Isabel del Alma Mia (Allende),  Naked Lunch (Burroughs)

    Recent Reads:
    1. The Double - Jose Sarramago
    2. Notes from the Underground - Feodor Dostoevsky 
    3. Soldier's Pay - William Faulkner
    4. Flaubert's Parrot - Julian Barnes
    5. House of the Spirits - Isabel Allende
    6. Leaf Storm - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    7. My Tender Matador - Pedro Lembel
    8. Ficciones - Jorge Luis Borges
    9. Three Exemplary Novels - Miguel Unamuno
    10. Man and his Symbols - Karl Jung
    11. The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco
    12. The Tin Drum - Gunter Grass
    13. A Moveable Feast - Ernest Hemingway
    14. Confessions of St. Augustine
    15. A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway
  • Trains, Buses and Airplanes - assuming ample light is provided.
  • I am a composer as well and am working on a mixed media musical landscaping project
  • Fiction: Historical Fiction, Literary, Military/Espionage, Political

    Non-Fiction: History, Politics & Current Affairs, Reference, Sex & Relationships

  • The Master, or maybe Margarita
  • Calvino, Marquez, Bulgakov, Jung, Faulkner ... many many others