General details

  • Jutta_Sai

  • Tech College

In short

  • I love to eat food. I like to cook food. I like to bake food.
    I love books. I love to read books. I love to write books.
    I like to learn- although I'm not very good at remembering things...
    I love my family, friends & faith.


  • I'm not famous. Just small-town happy! "Holiness to the Lord" - just giving credit where credit is due. Danka to mutti-chan for helping!! And Sara, Riordan & Anna!

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Literary

  • Tsubasa
    Fruits Basket
    My Books
    Onee-San's stories, she needs to finish them!!!
    Twilight Series *SQUAEE*
    Anything by Tamora Pierce
    Getting into some classics too =3

  • Nothing, it's distracting from my writing. But I haven't been writting.. soo
    Wait. Does NT count? possibly....
  • comfy couch or chair, or on the grass, some place not too loud, or so quiet i can hear my ears ring *annoying*
  • I've written poems, short stories, songs, random lines that don't really fit into anything but still sound nice.
  • Fiction: Mystery

  • The character Jutta Sai. Kawaii, sword-carrying, clutzy but strong. Feared and loved by all! All day with Anna-Sama, and their Majesties!! *sigh* THE life!!
  • Stephenie Meyer
    Tamora Pierce
    Authors of:
    Fruits Basket