• Currently doing a course in educational support (intergration aide/administration/library tech) so there is very little time for writing fiction but the ideas keep trickling so I have returned to read, review and maybe eventually write.

General details

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  • Australia

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In short

  • Working wife and mum of 2, I love to write, it's more than a pass time to me, it's a passion.

    On Webook I am group leader of THE AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND WRITING GROUP if your an AUSSIE or KIWI come and join us to share support, feedback, chitchat etc

    I am also a member of many of the feedback groups and love supporting fellow webookers with constructive reviews! Those who support me in return will find that I will always return the favour!

  • I'm alive and I'm writing! Had one short story published.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Children's, Crime, Humor/Satire, Literary, Mystery, Romance, Short Story, Women's Fiction

    Non-Fiction: Humor, Reference, True Crime, Women's Studies

  • Tully
    The Book Thief
    Digging to America
    Four Seasons
    The Curious Incident of the Dog at Nighttime
    The Forgotton Garden
  • The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - A Novel - by David Wroblewski
    plus loads of short stories, poetry and novels on WEbook

    Last book read was Road to Paradise by Paulina Simons - Not a patch on her other books - really didn't like the rushed ending!
  • Really anywhere as long as I'm uninterupted. If I had to chose only one place probably bed.
  • I love writing short stories pretty much any genre except NOT fantasy or Sci-fi. Hope to get off my butt and write a novel soon. And if I got it published, well I couldn't ask for more!
  • Fiction: Children's, Crime, Humor/Satire, Literary, Mystery, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Humor, Reference, True Crime

  • Punky Brewster - Because she had the funkiest clothes on the block!!!
  • Stephen King
    Kate Morton
    Paulina Simons
    Ruth Park