• I'm working on a horror/comedy/drama/sci-fi/romance novel by the title, "Blood and Chrome".

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    I'm like most small town boys, (Although despite the stereotypes, I HATE any organized sport other than bowling, hockey, or racing).

    I like to write, (as is referenced by the string of projects I have on my page which I have welded into a whole book), but I also like watching youtube, drawing, and listening to my music.

    Speaking of which, its actually the music I listen to that sets me out with folks my age.

    You see, I'm a good 22 years old, and I listen to stuff from the Mid-Seventies back. I not only listen and like the stuff, but I'll willingly defend it in an argument against the types that listen to this new age garbage.

    Moving on, I'd like to tell you of another part of me, and that's my love of classic cars, both American, and British.

    I don't care what anyone says, if you were to put seatbelts into one of the cars I love,(Which a lot of them have already in the post 1959 range), and maybe put an HHO, (Hydrogen gas), generator under the hood, you'd have a car that would not only look and run a thousand times better than these ugly jokes we're forced to choke down, but you'd also be within a shout of feeling like you're in a tank as far as safety, but I digress.

    Anyway, moving on, I'm also a born-again christian and a staunch Baptist, and I'm as PC as a lump of scrap iron. 

    What it all boils down to is, I'm different than most folks my age, and anyone who thinks bad of me for it can jump, because until I'm called off of this mortal coil, I'll be the same as I've ever been. AND FOR DANG SAKES, DON'T WASTE YOUR BREATH TRYING TO CHANGE OR INSULT ME.

    -Anyone who thinks good of me for my beliefs, well, MAY GOD BLESS.

    That's all I've got to say about myself.

  • I'm writing a second chapter to Stephen King's Christine.

     The story's title is, "Blood and Chrome", which was inspired by an old song by the title, "Heart and Soul".

    It's the story of an Eighteen year old boy by the name of Rutherford Dodge Cunningham and his girlfriend, Elvira Guilder, (The only child of Christine's Dennis Guilder).

    And of course, at the head of 'em all, is the Detroit fem-fatale herself, Christine, who's resurfacing will rattle the foundation of Dodge's life.

    Sadly, I've only got seven of the chapters posted at the moment, but I'm hoping to get more tacked on, say, before people completely lose interest.

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  • The folks that wrote the bible, Stephen King, Bill Peet, Rev. Audrey, A.A.Milne, A. Lee Martinez.