• "A loner longing for the cadence of her last breath."

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  • Rita_Renne

  • One of the skeletons in your closet. :)

  • Rita Renée Vincent is all you are going to know...

  • Everyone's a creeper now, I swear...

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In short

  • Welcome to my page! I am Brianna, but I go under the pen name of Rita Renée Vincent with my stories/books/whatever.


    I thought you would never ask!

    Rita = my favorite character (Rita from Hopeless)
    Renée = IT'S A PURTY NAME! (You got a purty mouth...) ;)
    Vincent = my favorite male name
    That's how you get it.

    I love to read and write, and it's pretty evident because I'm on this site. I love to write and read about fantasy and supernatural things. I mostly come up with my ideas when I listen to music or have dreams. Heck! 'AS SEEN ON TV' was based exclusively on a dream I had! That's how most writers get their inspiration anyways.

    I'm currently having trouble FINISHING one of my stories because when I get interested in one project, I either get a BRILLIANT idea for another story or one of my older stories just screams, "YOU HAVE AN AWESOME IDEA FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEE!" *eye roll* Yes. My stories have voices. The voices in my head. ;)

    I'm a perfectly sane, (my friends will tell a different story) sixteen-year-old Georgian (the United States one, people!) that has high hopes and dreams of seeing one of her books published, whether it be DEATH BY ROSE or CASCADE OF CRIMSON DREAMS.

    Here's a break-down of my projects.
    Kiss of Death
    Her Beautiful Lies
    **Death by Rose
    **Cascade of Crimson Dreams
    The Inner Demons
    In The Business
    Book of Lies
    The Underworld Trials of Colette
    As Seen on TV
    The Elementals
    Desdemona Academy
    Love of the Stricken
    Here Lies Isleigh
    Tragic Love Affair (Book One)
    Keep Me In Your Nightmares
    Hopeless (Book One)
    Frozen in Time
    Ocean Promise
    Hecate's Instruments
    Revenge of the Fallen
    Are You Afraid to Die?
    Hotel La Pavillion
    Love Letters and Death Threats
    Dark Elements
    Behind the Spirit's Glass
    Fire's Fingertips
    Crimson King

    Princess Daphane
    Hopeless (Original)

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    100 Themes Challenge
    Song Short-Story Project

    My Fallen Solider

    Rita_Renne's Story Ideas
    Character Log

    As you can see, I have LOTS of projects.
    ...help? D: *claws eyes out*

    ~music: symphonic metal, metal, classic rock, marching band, band, orchestra. I'm a variety person! :)
    ~bands/artists: Ayreon, Epica, After Forever, Mercenary, Delain, Bullet for my Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Disturbed, Dream Theater, Opeth, Leaves' Eyes, etc.
    ~genres of books: fantasy, mythology, folklore, mystery, etc. I hate typical teen angst books. So flippin' cliche.
    ~authors: So many, so many...
    ~books: Daddy's Little Girl by Mary Higgins Clark, Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series, and that's about it.
    ~sport: MARCHING BAND!! **nerd**

    I update the stories I want to update. I know that sounds kind of, you know, conceited and stuff, but it's true. If I have no readers, then I will not continue. If you would like me to write a chapter in a story, MESSAGE ME! :D
    I have too much on my plate for writing something no one reads.
    Love you all~

    I currently have the following:
    • TWENTY-ONE projects I am writing independently
    • FIVE projects I am writing with another author
    • FOUR all-together projects
    • TWO HUNDRED AND COUNTING stories that I am reading on this website!!

    My other accounts, Rita_Renee and Kagekitsue, hosts projects that are old stories I have written. I have top writer on that account as well!!

  • Want supernatural? I'll give you some supernatural. :P

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Alternative History, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Mystery, Thriller/Suspense

    Screenplay: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, Thriller, War

    Poetry: General

  • ON WEBOOK:))
    ~Pawn by Winchester ((READ IT))
    ~Anything by EmilyKnight
    ~Evil Innocence by Laloo_Joya
    ~Royal Shadows by HaydenMCasey
    ~Puppet Master by EmilyKnight
    ~Eternal: The Undead by Yvie
    ~Dreams by Eternal_Kiss
    ((and much more, but that's all I can think of at the moment))

    ~Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series
    ~Daddy's Little Girl by Mary Higgins Clark ((This one of the best books due to the fact that it's so sad, yet it makes you excited at the end~))
    ~Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare ((The author's like a freakin' genius. Such a complex and amazing world!))
    ~THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY! I love these books!! (:
    ~That's all I can think of. I hate most other YA books. They make no sense.
  • About 200+ books ((and counting)), but if you want me to read something of yours, you message me.

    I will ONLY review yours if you review mine as well. I will stop reading something if I have not gotten something from you in a week.

    ~Thank you!
  • PLACES:))
    ~on the computer ((but I print out most of the stories so I can read them quicker!))
    ~in my bedroom
    ~when it's raining
    ~on the bus
    ~on road trips
    ~and basically anywhere
  • ((:SERIES:))
    {{::}}Tragic Love Affair{{::}}
    ^^The Beginning ((Working Title))
    The Birth
    The End
    {{::}}Ocean Promise{{::}}
    **Ocean Promise
    Ocean Bound
    Ocean Blood

    **Behind the Spirit's Glass
    **Crimson King
    **Death by Rose
    **Fire's Fingertips
    **Are You Afraid to Die?
    **Darkness Follows
    **Love of the Stricken
    **Revenge of the Fallen ((Working Title))
    **Hotel La Pavillion
    **Love Letters and Death Threats
    **Desdemona Academy
    **Frozen in Time

    **The Smell of Perfume ((PrincessKia))
    **The Chronicles of Aidan: Watercolors and Blood ((KenyonMenyon))
    **Princess Daphane ((KenyonMenyon))
    **Dark Elements ((KenyonMenyon))

    **100 Themes Challenge
    **Story Song Challenge
    **Writing Prompts Challenge

    ^^ indicates that this project/story has NOT BEEN STARTED YET

    ** indicates that this project/story is a WORK IN PROGRESS!! You may comment on helping me edit and junk.

    ~~ indicates that I have finished this, so you may read this as a finished novel/story/whatever. ((Have none of these yet! D:))
  • Fiction: Crime, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Horror, Humor/Satire, Mystery, Teen, Thriller/Suspense, Young Adult/Juvenile

    Screenplay: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, General, Horror, Love/Romance, Musical, Thriller, War

    ~Anabeth ((Percy Jackson and the Olympians)) because she's just THAT awesome!
    ~Aidan ((Watercolors and Blood)) because EmilyKnight is just THAT awesome as well!
    ~Rosie ((Eternal: The Undead)) because Yvie is awesome at characters!!
    ~Derek ((The Other Side)) because, well, I don't know. He just appears awesome!!
    ~Ella ((Evil Innocence)) because she seems so innocent, well, like me!
    ~Graves ((Pawn)) because I like him. He seems like a deep character even though I barely know anything about him! ((Ha. Winchester, you MUST write more!))
    ~Alana ((Kiss of the Beckoner)) because she matches my personality -- caring yet getting into trouble a lot.
    ~Jeniffer ((How to Kill a Serial Killer)) because she's so smart in Fly_By_Night's story!

    IN MY BOOKS:)) ((Very selfish, but oh well))
    ~MaraBella ((MaraBella)), and I have no idea why. She's sort of creepy and lonely, but I'm not creepy! D:
    ~Isadora ((Death by Rose)) just because I said so. ((You'll see why.))
    ~Kagura ((Axerian Coven Series, Tragic Love Affair, Love of the Stricken)) because she's a character I designed to my perfection, and she's an amazing strong yet sometimes vulnerable character.
    ~Hokaru ((Axerian Coven Series, Tragic Love Affair, Love of the Stricken)) just because he's the awesomest dude that ever existed.
    ~Paradox ((Death by Rose, etc.)) because he's a sexy demon, and I love sexy demons. ((I picture him as the Mad Hatter for some resaon.))
  • ALL OF YOU WEBOOKERS! ((Oh, and if you have a story to suggest, then just message me! I would love to read it!))

    ~But my most favorite of all time~
    Kirston: Her power with such violent situations in her stories is very well done, and the emotional attachment you get with her characters is unforgettable!

    EmilyKnight: She is possessed with such wonderful talent at such an early age! She's by far one of the best 12 year old writers that I know! When she becomes my age ((man I sound old)), I expect perfection and absolute bliss! She'll definitely become very well known some day, and I'll have to say that I knew her during her beginnings.