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  • Robert_M_315

  • Snohomish, WA

  • Robert Mathisen

  • English

In short

  • I've never been to college, I didn't finish high school and when I was there I was just writing some story or drawing something or just catching the bus to town to go run around and do my own thing all day. I was born to a conflicted and dysfunctional family. with a bi-lateral cleft lip and pallate and blind in my left eye due to a choked off optic nerve at birth. I was made fun of in school and have been un-noticed by women. I found a little circle of friends and clung to that for dear life. Then I started playing music and KEPT writing. My main focus at the moment is getting my band on it's feet but I've always been a writer. When I was in school I wrote horror stories and sci-fi stories and then after a certain tragedy occured all those ended up lost and after so much work it kind of took my inspiration to write fiction away from me and since then I just write poetry, lyrics and keep a journal. I, however have every intention of rekindling the creative spark and beginning to write fiction again.
    I would sincerely like to thank and apologize to any who wrote and submitted feedback for any of my writings. I will read yours as soon as I can and return the favor I assure you but I've been spending very little time on my computer, or writing for that matter due to a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I met a very incredible woman with whom I've spent most of my time of late. The second is that the sun is absolutely sucking the life right out of me and being inside and out of water sounds like an idea only the densest of minds could fathom. So please bear with me.

  • I claim no fame.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Religious/Inspirational, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Humor, Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction, Religion

    Poetry: General

  • The Holy Bible, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach, The Lord of the Rings, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, Survivors by Zion Ben Jonah, The Taking by Dean R. Koontz,
  • The Best of H.P. Lovecraft: Bloodcurdling tales of Horror and the Macabre, In Search of Schrodinger's Cat by John Gribbin, Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the 80's by Hunter S. Thompson, Heavier than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain by Charles R. Cross, Sin City: The Hard Goodbye by Frank Miller and Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, MOSTLY right now I'm reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown and it's rockin.
  • somewhere well lit because reading is hard on my eyes as it is.
  • I have been working on a graphic novel series called "The Death and Times of the Undead Shadow Guardian" about a zombie ninja with feelings and a personality. It's going to be a bloody, nasty, hilarious and meaningful riot but it's very young in its production yet and there's a long way to go.
  • Fiction: Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Religious/Inspirational, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Humor, Reference, Religion

    Screenplay: General

    Poetry: General

  • One of Jesus' desciples
  • H.P. Lovecraft, Hunter S. Thompson, Frank Herbert, J.R.R. Tolkien, Kurt Vonnegut, Dean Koontz, Jhonen Vasquez, Dan Brown CHILDHOOD: Roald Dahl, Maurice Sendak, Stephen King, R.L. Stine