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  • Tori_Cullen

  • Wouldn't you loooveee to know!

  • Tori!

  • A place where you learn and teach... :)

  • Female

  • English

In short

  • So.. I'm kinda addicted to writing <3
    I have OCD and I can get kinda depressed sometimes.
    I have 36 zombie escape plans, and most of them include cutting a head or two off >:)
    I. Love. You.
    I'm sorry.. Was that too weird for you?
    Yeah. Idk either (:

  • Um. I wasn't prepared for this one... Umm I have 36 zombie escape plans and I can kill a spider without screaming. OH YEAH!

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Horror, Mystery, Novella, Teen

    Screenplay: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, General, Horror, Love/Romance, Musical, Thriller, War

    Poetry: Epic, Experimental, Fantasy, General, Narrative, Personal / Confessional, Political, Prose, Romantic / Love, Song Lyrics

  • Paisley Hanover Acts Out.
  • Anywhere QUIET!
  • I write for pleasure...
  • Fiction: Horror, Literary, Mystery, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story, Teen

    Poetry: General

  • I'd love to be Alice Cullen or Roselie Cullen for a day... :D
    I've already got the last name pinned :P
  • Why don't you tell me :)