General details

  • anetta_Bliss

  • washington

  • Anetta

  • college

  • English

In short

  • There isn't much to say. I am who I am and through my strife pain and challanges. I can only grow stronger gaining knowledge of who to right to my maxium potental.

    I love living i am trying to go to japan in the fall.
    I can eat endless amout of japanese food and be happy
    I hide my writing from my family
    I have two cats Oreyo and Zepheroth.. Yes like like final fantasy only with a z

  • I not here to get fame by far... What i really want is to write my master peice so when someone reads my book it will change there life make them think. Inspire them to chase there dream instead of laying them to sleep. I know if i just try hard enough and put all my heart into it it will reach someone. So they can see this world i dream in distant dreams.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Black, silver, red, purple, and dark blue.
  • uninvited, white witch black curse
  • At midnight where spirts start to stir.
  • That  funny i actually like to be one of my old story characters.. Here names setsuai and she is an awesome demon female. Only reason i'd really like to be her is she knows what she wants and isn't boring.
  • Kim Harrison, sherliyn Kenyon