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  • i well me , erm ive alot to say about other things but little about my self , i tend to disprove things rather than prove them not to say im open minded but i don't just shrug things of - i find a reason why they have to be wrong .
    i seek perfection but im not a demented perfectionist who's impactient and wired for me its more of an end to things you know but when somthings there i like to leave it .
    I am mostly a grim and meloncholy person not to say im depressive its just that i like that veiw of mindless pessimisum in life its more of a reality check to me than just and excuse for extra depression .
    I wake often obsessing over my dreams in the night to me a new day is rarely somthing to look fowards to not to say that i im a madman in the the morning its just a dream is better in my mind than the real .
    People offend me the human race turn's my stomach 'i like cats!!
    Nature to me is as beautiful as it is ugly , the strong and the weack the fast and the slow , a moth's beauty renched to thee burning flame of survival , i could go on for ever ..........................
    music is or can be good like bach or it can be be bad like britney most peole will agree on that , i will still cause me physical pain to listen to every thing they like and them pleasure and new discovery to every thing i like , i do not like people , i like music , thats getting more and more rare these days ?
    and the arts there are two types of art :
    marchal art wich is as some one put it "ifinate possiblity" and you get to kick people and pretend to be an animal in a fight and actually win (requires in depth study of said animal until you almost become it) and look so cool and ridculous at the same time ?
    as for art there are two types of art da vinchi style real art wich is good but no one likes and wait for it :
    "h'art" where like supper man your kept gessing because some times not even the artist knows what it is ? i do see the whole idear of creating emotions but to me it should be called something else and not be put near or classed over some micheal angelo or van goth , to me its seems like a prime example of civilisations increasing decadence where a picture no longer is a thousand words but one word like "jelousy" or "bliss" or "rage" don't get me wrong i understand thee abstract but , it shoulden't be over priced and respected in the way it is , it's diffent yes , but staringat a real dead dog rather than a painted one trying to make an epic socio political philosophical point , rather than just "starvation" . i want to stare at pritty pictures not burnt butterflys . i already have a match .
    I could be on an island alone...and i would think about going mad , i would know when i was because thats when id stop finding the idear funny .
    my imagination has supprised me many a time and left me in boughts of almost painfull laughter when i write due to my extreeme sence of humour . but realisticaly i need people , i need people to hug , but i hate people and i can't stand to be near them and there humanity it's like a paradox , a quagmire , a dilema , a irony and an enigma that i need to be near people as much as i hate them ?????
    i am passionate some people say im abit meladramatic when i express it , in tolerant but not of mistakes , agressivly affectionate , and i would say i pine for reality to carry it self away as i do when i write there are not limits so i like to see life exceed them , and i hate to make asumptions as the are no absoluts , only the chaotic order of the universe .
    And I don't wonder at reality it hasn't made laught enough i love to see things go over the top in a riddicoulus way!

    Copy and paste this on to your page if you hate home work! We need 50,000,000 particapants. Let us end this madness and torture!

    i know that the above has nothing to do with "the master......" but i also have a strong deep resentment for that word i can't seem to say right now ....

  • enough people know me ? em im a good poet if that count's ?

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Humor/Satire, Literary, Military/Espionage, Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Non-Fiction: Humor, Reference

    Poetry: General

  • to to many to list but lotr's books that ive read have got somthing going on there .
    and all saga's because the word saga said with any amount of enthusiasum makes me laugh no matter what the title put before it is .
  • i go through things to quick to say , but it will ether be ficton of some kind or philosphy stuff , every thing else in my mind that isn't poetry isn't worth reading .
  • statinary , not moving and a good light source thats about it .
  • future war .((manuscript) probably be done by time im a hundred if that is a hunge piece of work)
    the living legend .
    2220 .
    (nether of which have been published and are a work in progress)
    and about thirty poem's ive wrote and one that's liked even though its from the veiw of a character from my book .
    prey of birds (webook)
  • Fiction: Humor/Satire, Literary, Military/Espionage, Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Non-Fiction: Humor, Reference

    Poetry: General

  • york from hyperdrive , oh yes ? but to come up with some of the things? the things? that guy says , hes had me laughing for miniets at a time , miniets ? oh that guy is amazing , although i have some pritty good characters of my own that just surpass him , but the things he says ?
  • poe , tennason , tolkins , ect . loads of good people if you write good then your a favorite of mine , even if i haven't read you ? although im not to sure about j.k. rollin but then again i haven read harry potter . oh and nietzsche simply beacue his name sounds so 'so bad when you Pronounse it properly and he had a point to make Whether or not you agree with him is an interly different matter .