General details

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  • Miranda

In short

  • I believe everyone should be able to leve this earth with a footprint of them left behind. My hope is to write my story, and leave it as my footprint for years to come.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Lately I have been going through books like crazy. The latest ones I have read are:
    The Breakup Bible
    What I Did
    Th1rteen R3asons
    and some others I can't remember the titles of.
  • My closet. I recentley moved and have a closet that is big enough for my bookshelf and my "Piglet" chair. It's pink and fuzzy and the most comfortable thing to sit in. I just shut the door and dive into the world of the book.
  • Definetley Hermione Granger. besides for the semi bad hair she is a pretty amazing person, and who wouldn't want to use magic for a day.