August Newsletter: Spotlight on Success Stories!
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WEbookers & Lit Agent In Sync!

JRVogtJosh Vogt (penname: JRVogt) was elevated to Round 3 in early August and scooped up by a literary agent around the same time! Kudos to all the WEbookers who spotted the potential of Josh's book. Check out the first five pages of Enter the Janitor on his P2F book page. Find out more about Josh's path to publication (in his own words) on the WEbook blog, including how he met his agent and the phone call that surely changed his life. Leave a message for Josh in the comment section!

Go Rate!We're excited for the first batch of authors who were elevated to Round 3.  Readers, thanks for all the feedback and get ready for Round 3 rating (coming soon). Go read and rate 1st pages and 5 page samples!

AgentInbox: Author Lands Agent

Sonia Lands Agent!

Sonia Halback (penname: spicythai) had a spectacular spring. She graduated from college and signed with Dawn Michelle Frederick (owner of Red Sofa Literary) through  AgentInbox. Watch the video: Meet the new author/agent team and find out more about Sonia's novel Burning of Crimson. Go now!

Holy Cow! Anne Merino Found an Agent Too!

Sonia isn't alone in her success! WEbooker Anne Merino (penname: AnneMerino) also found an agent through AgentInbox. In fact she was offered representation by three (yes! three!) AgentInbox agents. She is now represented by Bob Mecoy of Creative Book Services. Find out more about Anne's exciting story and her vampire novel, Hawkesmoor on the WEbook blog.

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