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WEbook July Newsletter
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The WEbook Poetry Vote is Almost Here!

So you want to get published? Submit your best three poems before July 31st. Voting starts August 1st!

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Publish Your Water Cooler Stories on WEbook

"So how was your weekend?" It's the Monday morning question, right? The one we put to our co-workers and friends, to the bus driver, even to the over-caffeinated barrista at Starbucks. Part greeting and part lament, it's also a great source of inspiration for writers. Now you can post your wacky/touching/death-defying weekend tales on WEbook each Monday. Then the WEbook editors will pick the wackiest/touchingist/death-defyingist story each week and publish it on the WB blog. Groovy, eh? Contribute now.

Sneak Peek Alert: Shirt for Dessert

Marley Barley, the irascible, shirt-sucking cherub from WEbook's first children's book is almost here. Well, she is here, thanks to illustrator Janis Dougherty and author Jayne Bonilla. She's just waiting for her shining moment in the publishing sun. Want to see how she turned out? Click here to get an early look at Shirt for Dessert. If you like what you see, pre-order Marley in all her grandeur on Amazon.

Give Us Your Thoughts on the New WEbook Vote

We've heard your calls for change and we're knee-deep in evolving the WEbook Vote. Thanks to you, we've already got lots of ideas swirling around about how to make the WEbook Vote the best, most awesome electoral device in literary history. Okay, maybe it won't be that grandiose, but it's definitely on the way to being pretty amazing. Which is to say: we're getting closer. Help us get to the finish line by giving us your feedback on a few ideas. Click here to take a super-short survey.


Contribute to the New Level 4 Project: "I Hate Poetry"

Poetry publisher Level 4 Press and WEbook are teaming up again. After our successful five-book series published earlier this year, Level 4 decided that another WEbook-powered project was in order. So, do you hate poetry? Or do you love to hate bad poetry? Or are you the perfect contributor to this project--a poet who loves to make fun of poetry and poets? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, check out the I Hate Poetry project. In the last set of Level 4/WEbook titles, poems from more than 25 WEbookers made the cut. Click here to submit.

Last Call for Submissions: Poetry Vote Starts Aug. 1

The inaugural WEbook Poetry Vote is nearly upon us. If you haven't put your best three poems in a new project and submitted it to the vote, do it now! Don't wait, don't even brush your teeth before getting your verse into the voting cycle. The fireworks begins in a week and half and won't end until August 31. Don't be left out. Click here for more info.

As always, WEbook wants to hear from you. Drop a note to info webook com.

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WEbook Fact:
Since the advent of WEbook's word-count bar in early June, AubrieAnne has given 85 feedbacks of 150-words or more.

About AubrieAnne:
"I'm a 21 year old aspiring writer whose dreams of becoming an artist were shattered by the money making machine we all call college! Then, I found a knack for writing a sentence and haven't stopped since."

Complimentary Critiques: Vol. 2
The House of Breathing Dolls
The Researchers

From our blog

WEbooker of the WEek Shares Her Story

 WEbook is a community of writers, so the new Community Storytelling Forum seems like a no- brainer. One person starts a story, and other writers contribute 500 words a piece until it's done. No feedback, no criticism, no discussion -- just writing, tag-team style. Sounds pretty fun, right? But it takes guts to be the first person to jump in, start a story, and let other people finish it. That's why this WEek's WoW badge goes to A_Netz, initiator of the first community story in the forum. Be sure to check out the story -- if you feel inspired, you can contribute, or even start a new story of your own!

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