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WEbook April Newsletter
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The WEbook Vote... underway! Miss the deadline to enter your project? Don't worry! We'll have another vote soon.

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Cast Your Vote for the Next Published WEbook!

The WEbook publication search is on, and there's still time to make your voice heard! The Spring Vote ends at midnight on April 20th. Have a favorite project? Vote for it. Want a one-stop spot to find some of the best work on WEbook? Visit the voting pages. If your funny bone needs scratching, read The Life and Times of McZero, the wacky (and whacked) ruminations of a fictional postal worker. Looking for adventure? Right Hand Up to God offers a wild ride through a Florida swamp. Kids of all ages will love Nervous Nelly Nanny Goat, a children’s story about showing emotion.

Meet Boomerang Lookout and Marley Barley

Three cheers for the next published WEbooks! The final two winners from the inaugural WEbook vote are due out in early summer. First up is The Legend of Vinny Whiskers, a Young Adult novel by Greg Kemp. Come along for the ride as a prairie dog named Boomerang Lookout fights to uncover the truth about the rat Vinny Whiskers in time to save his entire pack. In Shirt for Dessert, a children’s book by Jayne Bonilla, Marley Barley would rather suck on her clothes than eat her veggies—-until her mother comes up with an ingenious plan to change all that. Stay tuned—-there's much more on the way from the little prairie dog who could and the little girl who should.

New on WEbook: The Toolbox Gets Zaftig

WEbook’s arsenal of writing tips and helpful stuff just got bigger. New in the WEbook Toolbox are access to a daily writing tip (via Widget, if you’re so inclined), newsletters you might’ve missed, badges for your Facebook profile, and of course our Guides to Feedback, to being a Project Leader, and our Path to Publication.


WEbook Turns One, Causes Media Frenzy

Okay, so maybe the paparrazi forgot to crash WEbook's birthday party. But we did have our desks...because we’re dedicated like that. And because we can’t wait to put the finishing touches on our latest  jaw-dropping improvements, sure to make WEbook the best, most awe-inspiring site on the Web. (Or at least the best site for writers, readers, and feedback aficionados.) And people are noticing, at least according to The New York Times, USA Today, and the BBC. Oh, and Demi Moore (AKA mrskutcher) Tweeted about us. That’s right: Demi loves WEbook. Not too shabby for a first b-day.

As always, WEbook wants to hear from you. Drop a note to info webook com.

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WEbooker of the WEek Laughs at Herself

The WEbook Vote is underway, and we're on the lookout for projects that make us laugh, cry, or grow longer, stronger, thicker hair in just sixty days. This WEek's WEbooker, Shari, has two projects up for the vote, and while they won't improve your coiffure, they'll certainly make you laugh, and some might make you cry.


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