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April 2013 Newsletter: Spotlight on... a new beginning
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WEbook is back! 

But wait. What happened over the last three months?

As for so many of you, WEbook disappeared from our lives without warning on December 21st 2012.

Given the holiday season, we didn’t get a chance to react until the New Year by which time, the trail had gone apparently very cold. The only people answering emails were the company that had hosted the website – and their answer was not what we wanted to hear. The site and the database associated with it, had been wiped completely – no-one to pay the bills, meant instant and total eradication.

It took us most of January to track down the original code for the site and a further two weeks to secure it, the name and all the associated accounts – including all the legal requirements. And by the time we tweeted on 15th February, we had a completely rebuilt site. The trouble is, that it had no users, no projects, no forums or indeed, anything remotely useful. It was like watching tumbleweed blow across your screen.

And then we got lucky.

It seems that one of the original team (many thanks – you know who you are!) told us where we could find a back-up of the database taken when they sold the site to the new owners at the beginning of 2012, and once the legal side of it all had been sorted out, we were able to reunite WEbook with a slightly out-of-date version of itself, and that is what you have in front of you now.

To everyone who has lost work, we are really sorry and completely sympathetic.

WebookNow, please, don’t shoot the messenger! We’ve done (and are still doing) our best to restore whatever there is to restore. And to be honest, we didn’t think we’d get as much back as we have done already, but this news will undoubtedly disappoint a fair number of you.

Stick with us though. We are well funded, well intentioned, and yes, we keep a copy of the database off-site!

Our plans are to listen to you all, and to make WEbook not just great again, but unique, revolutionary and game-changing.

And if you think that there is something that you have that could help us, or should have and we need to know about, then please post it here. We’ll do whatever we can do and, if we’re unsure about anything, we’ll ask the community. It’s your WEbook after all.

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