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Ask the Agent; Really ... Ask Him Anything

Kenneth Wright, a literary agent at Writers House in NYC, has joined WEbook as a columnist. His inaugural "Ask the Agent" column was a huge hit on the blog, so we decided to keep him around (er, rather, he decided to write a second column). And he'll be writing more, almost weekly in fact. Keep an eye on the WEbook blog for future columns. And ask him questions. That's his thing. He'll answer one every week as part of his regularly scheduled program.

I Wear Your Shirt Guy Wore Our Shirt, on CNN!

So we paid this dude to wear our shirt. Sounds dumb, right? And it might've been if we paid just anybody to wear our shirt just anytime. But we paid the Iwearyourshirt.com guy to wear our shirt on the day he happened to appear on  CNN. Not so dumb, right? Want to see how he raved about us? Sure you do.


Show Some Literary Love, Structure Your Feedback

We all love feedback. We crave it. We give it to get it. And we love it when someone says "Great freakin' job, man! Keep at it!" But deep down, we want more. We want to know whether our characters kick ass or fall flat. Enter "Structured Feedback," WEbook's ongoing committment to raise the bar on reviews. With specific categories for assessment--plot, structure, tone, etc.-- you can now  get as multi-layered in your critique as the characters in that amazing chapter you just read. If you haven't already taken it for a spin, give it a try. We think you'll like the ride.


Pre-Order Shirt for Dessert, Make Jayne's Day

The incomparable Jayne Bonilla needs your help. She wants you to pre-order her book on Amazon. We're generally loathe to ask WEbookers to pony up their hard-earned cash for our books, but we think Jayne--and her book, of course--is that amazing. At least all the kids in the greater Miami-area think so. Because, um, Jayne's been reading to them, all of them, and now they're camping out on her front lawn. Okay, maybe not camping out on her front lawn, but they really like her book. And you will too. Take a test ride here. Then order here.

Etan Thomas Drops Knowledge on Blog


Etan Thomas, editor of Voices of the Future on WEbook, and professional basketball player and Huffington Post blogger and general champion of youth writing kindly sat for a Q&A grilling on the blog. What did he say? A lot, about everything, including R. Kelly, gay marriage, and going back to Oklahoma to play for his new team, the Thunder. Read his post, contribute to his project, and bring a little thunder of your own.


As always, WEbook wants to hear from you. Drop a note to info <at> webook <dot> com.

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"Power" Writer ArtemisX5 is WEbooker of the WEek

While WEbook poets are busy soaking up their 15 minutes of fame, we decided to bring a prolific novelist into the spotlight. As a Midwestern mother of a two-year old, it’s a wonder that WEbooker ArtemisX5 finds the time to produce a multitude of projects – many of contain over twenty chapters! Her fans are devout and always waiting for the next major plot twist. She has classified the majority of her writing as “romance” or “teen,” bringing those awkward, yet enthralling adolescent “rites of passage” to life in her addictive narratives.

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