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Happy Holidays WEbook!
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Bestselling Author Joe Finder Answers Your Questions

Joe Finder, hailed as the “CEO of Suspense,” has published nine novels including the bestseller (and movie) High Crimes. He recently sold two other bestselling novels to Hollywood and his latest thriller, Vanished, landed on The New York Times list. WEbookers asked clever questions, and Joe provided very thoughtful responses. (Thanks Joe!) Check out the WEbook blog to read Joe's thoughts on writing faux pas, Twitter and much more! Go now!
Featured Agent: Farley Chase of the Waxman Agency

Meet literary agent Farley Chase. You can learn about his submission guidelines, leading clients, and best-known projects right here. If you want to know the really important stuff, read on.

What super power would you take for a day?
 I think I’d have to choose the power to stop time. It sounds boring but I’d like more if it, to read all the damn good books I mean to get to.

Favorite internet distraction? I have an unhealthy preoccupation with fantasy sports. Don’t tell Waxman.

Most dog-eared book you own?
Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything.

Since last month over 20 more agents have signed up to use AgentInbox. Check out the full list of agents. Have an agent you think we should feature? Email us at pr [@] WEbook [dot] com. Don't forget to include a question!

In the fall if you forwarded AgentInbox to a friend you were entered to win a Kindle and a $100 gift card. Thank you for all the referrals! Just in time for the holidays, we are happy to announce that RobinPopeCain was randomly selected as the winner. We let Robin know about the win and asked THE most important question: Are you going to buy a Kindle case? Robin's reply? "I HAVE to have a cover - of course - but don't know what colors they come in. Definitely PURPLE if available!" Congrats RobinPopeCain! WEbookers, be on the lookout for more exciting raffles next year. Happy Holidays!

Featured Member

Meet mayfield, WEbooker and AgentInbox Advocate.

Thoughts on AgentInbox:
I queried Mollie Glick at Foundry Media and heard from her very quickly. She had me email her a portion of the manuscript which she passed on, but she gave me some helpful feedback and was very supportive. The entire process was an extremely positive experience.

From mayfield's About Me:
As a teenager (I'm an adult now) I read every single horror novel I could get my hands on. Every one. No matter how obscure or poorly written; they were my escape. I would walk into a used bookstore and buy up whatever 50 cent paperbacks they had in the genre, regardless of the author or title. Books like Friend, The Butterfly Revolution, Night of the Moonbow and The Entity. Some were silly and some were fabulous, but they all hold a special place in my heart. These are the types of stories I try to write.

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