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WEbook.comJuly Newsletter: Dive In!

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Writing Challenge: Do You Remember the Time?

Have you participated in a WEbook writing challenge?  The Memory Challenge is going on right now! For this one, write a short scene where an object evokes a strong memory for a character. Deadline: Monday, July 26. You’ve got the entire weekend to think of a fantastic memory! 

PageToFame: Your Feedback Machine

Last month, we quietly started letting P2F raters write comments during the voting process on 'Short' and the 5 Page Challenge submissions. The response has been AMAZING: Supportive:  "I got lost in this work. THAT's writing!". Helpful:  "Tighten dialog; a bit dry". And honest: "too gruesome". Thanks for making P2F even better! Check out the highlight video.

Status Updates on Your WEbook Profile!
Use your WEbook profile to let everyone know what you are working on with the new status updates. Plus you can tweet your status and invite friends (not on WEbook) to check out your work. Don't forget to include a link! Some fun updates:

Striped10: Trying to finish Fractured, and I started another project called Teeter-Totter. You'll have to read it to find out more!

KatrinaLantz: Alright! Three projects in Round 2 of PageToFame! Thanks, WEbook!

TayTaytheTwerp: I'm working on my teen fiction novel 'Brother, Brother' and will soon be rewriting my fantasy novel 'The Dragomir'.

What is WEbook to YOU?WEbook is my...
Upload a picture on Flickr and get a coupon to enter P2F for free! Plus your pic might be choosen to be in fun WEbook videos.

Featured Member

KidTruthPenname: KidTruth

My first novel, Jimwamba, was published by a small press in 2006. I have two more commercial projects that I’m promoting through PageToFame, [sic] and The Frightened Boy. You can learn more about me (and download Frightened Boy!) on my website

Fav Adjective: Saturine 

What Book You Would Remove from Existence:
I'll give you three. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, 1984 by George Orwell, and Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.  Those three works have made all of our future American works pretty much pointless, because they covered it all so well.

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