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WEbook Vote
The WEbook Poetry Vote is Coming!

So you want to get published? Submit your best three poems now through July 31st. Voting starts August 1st!

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See Greg Kemp Talk About Getting Published by WEbook

Your friends and neighbors have been talking about it for months, but just in case you missed it: The Legend of Vinny Whiskers has arrived! WEbook's first single-author novel is now 100% officially published! To celebrate, we sat down with author Greg Kemp to talk about his first week of readings in NYC. We captured the interview on video to help Greg prepare for his inevitable appearance on Oprah (which is not confirmed...or even in the works...but you gotta believe, right?). Click on the image to see Greg talk about life as WEbook's newest published author. Click here to buy the book.

Join NBA Player/Poet Etan Thomas on WEbook

The NBA's "gentle giant" (AKA the center for the Washington Wizards) is now on WEbook, and he's leading a brand spanking new project for 13- to 25-year old writers. Etan Thomas Presents: Voices of Our Future will be a collection of verse (poetry) and prose (stories/essays) devoted to new visions for the days ahead. Click here to see a few things Etan thinks you should write about. And who knows? Maybe he'll give you some feedback on your submission.


Meet a WEbook Staffer: Kimberly McGraw

Kimberly is the chief architect of WEbook and the site's very first registered member. As such, she knows where all the bodies (code-wise) are buried. But does she prefer crunchy peanut butter or smooth? Can she tell us when the singularity will occur? And what's all this about a cheeseburger tie? Click on the image to get the video and to witness the awesome power of Kimberly.


Feedback Gets a Makeover on WEbook

We all looooove getting feedback on WEbook. Nothing gets us toothy like seeing "Nice work!" or "Really enjoyed it!" written below our most recent chapter or story. But praise alone isn't really feedback, is it? So how do you encourage the kind of feedback that will actually improve your writing? A word count bar! While everyone knows length isn't everything, we hope this new feature will encourage a few extra words of insight into all the masterworks on WEbook. Want to know more? Click here.

Submit Your Poetry Now

WEbook may have as many poets as Minnesota has lakes --- WE may even have a few poets from Minnesota who write about lakes. So it's high time for WEbook to publish a poetry anthology, right? WRITE! WEbook’s first ever Poetry Vote is underway. To enter, create a new WEbook project and give it a creative name (“Kim’s Poems”). Include your three very best poems. Then click the “Submit for Publication” button. Entry deadline is July 31; voting begins August 1. WEbookers’ votes will help determine which poems make the published anthology. 

an anthology
the creative fruition
of WEbook poets


As always, WEbook wants to hear from you. Drop a note to info webook com.

Featured Member

Penname: Jamesmcshane

WEbook Fact:
Irishman James McShane is currently traveling around the United States, staying with WEbookers he met on the site.

The Challenge: Write a scene from your travels in the form of an old-fashioned crime novel.

At a gas station in Texas...

"I'll have two packs of Marlboros, please."
   "I need to see some ID, sir."
   I take out my Irish passport, smirking at the nerd behind the counter at Exxon.
   "Sorry, sir. We don't do passports here," he says." We need a Texas driver's license or military ID."
   I turn around and look at my friends. "Do I even look Texan?"
   "You're wearing a Stetson," the nerd says.
   I wave my passport in his face. "I'm Irish and I want my cigarettes."
   The nerd turns puce, not knowing which way to look. His colleague sees my friends and says, "Dude, give him his cigarettes."
   The nerd stands his ground. "Company policy, sir."
    "You know what you can do with your policy, don't you?"
   I reach into my pocket slowly, pull out my weapon of choice, and prepare myself to unleash its awful power.
   I double-click my pen. "I am sending you and your company a strongly-worded lette r."
   The nerd faints.

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The Dark Crusade of Robinson Stone
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From our blog

WEbooker of the WEek Gives Shout Out to Poets

In honor of the upcoming Poetry Vote, we thought it appropriate to shine a little light on  WEbook's top poetry talent. First up is Maia06, author of the poetry collections Apple Picking Time Enough for That, among other works. Maia06 uses poetry to express "not just love and angst, but humor, observations, opinions, you name it." To find out more about this far-reaching poet, WEbook asked a few hard-hitting questions.

Read more


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