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WEbook Vote
The WEbook Poetry Vote is Coming!

So you want to get published? Submit your best three poems starting on June 15th. Voting starts August 1st!

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Contribute to the New WEcare Projects

WEwhat? Some new WEprojects? Yup, a whole new line of books in fact. Beginning with three new titles, WEcare books will be devoted to topics that draw out our deepest passions: things like family, community, and social inequity. 

WEcare projects are sponsored by the WEbook editorial staff and will become published books. They are open to submissions from anyone registered on the site. WEcare books not only provide a great opportunity for community members to get published -- they also promise to be a hub of feedback activity.

Want to know what the first three projects are? I bet you do. Click here.

Submit Your Poetry Starting June 15

WEbook poets, get ready!
It’s time to polish, time to work steady.
Your best unpublished verse is required,
Your finest creations are craved and desired.

"But you’re not ready!" says he.
"You won’t make the cut," says she.
'Beg to differ," says you. "I shall invoke the muse.
I will submit three poems to excite and amuse.

"I shall post them between June 15 and July 31."
Don’t wait too long, or alas, it shall be done.
WE vote then as long as the summer lasts.
“But I prithee, tell me, what then?" you ask.

WE shall publish a collection, a book:
The Very Best Poetry On WEbook

Click here to take a look.

Author Greg Kemp: On Getting Published by WEbook

"When I first heard about WEbook, I’d recently finished writing The Legend of Vinny Whiskers. As any writer who has just completed a first novel will tell you, being “done” is both joyous and nerve wracking. You’ve put thousands of hours—maybe years—into making your dream a reality, and now you have to figure out how to get it published, which might just be harder than writing the book itself. Read more.


Meet a WEbook Staffer: Katie Krum

Katie's our marketing wonderbug here at WEbook, and the first subject (victim) of our monthly "Meet a WEbook Staffer" interview (interrogation). In a lightning round format, Katie was asked everything from whether Adam Lambert should've won Idol to what she'd do if Zappos stopped delivering to the WEbook office. Click on the crazy mug to the right see how she did.





WEbook + Level 4 Press = Five Books of Poetry

WEbook and Level 4 Press joined forces to create a five-book series of poetry on a range of themes, including modern nursery rhymes, ghosts and evil, romance, nature, and faith. In an unique twist, each book in the series mixes the poetry of well-known masters with emerging poets, many of whom were culled from the ranks of WEbook.



As always, WEbook wants to hear from you. Drop a note to info webook com.

WEbook Store
The top Fiction Winner of the first WEbook vote is almost here! Pre-order The Legend of Vinny
for June delivery!
 Buy It

Featured Member

Penname: tahrasep WEbook Fact: .tahrasep first logged on to WEbook on April 18, 2007, which makes her the oldest active member on the site. She was part of the beta phase of the WEbook, and contributed to Pandora, an innovative collaborative novel, and WEbook's first published book.

On Her Time at WEbook: "As one of the oldest members, I've gotten to not only work closely with the staff, but also be a part of WEbook when it was just a few projects written by twenty-odd people. I really enjoyed it then due to how close-knit it was, but now it's wonderful how large the community is. There are some wonderful individual projects out there I can't wait to buy, and quite a few of the collaborative ones blow me away."

From the Mouths of Babes
Next Stop, Hell
New York Undercover

From our blog

Have You "Birchcrofted" Lately?

This week's WEbooker of the WEek changes her avatar so fre- quently, we're often left asking: Who's the real May_Birchcroft?

Here's what we know. She lives in the UK. She's one of our youngest (13) and most active members (2,289 forum posts and counting). She can write. (She contributed to Jan 20: True Stories, Real People, One Day -- and is working on a Young Adult project titled "Acres of Moon.")  And she changes her avatar more than airplanes change time zones!  Read more


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