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May Newsletter
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PageToFame Prizes (woooot!) & Progress

Andy Wins $1,000!Remember that $1,000 prize for the highest rated 1st pages submitted before March 1? Well, the results are in, so it’s time for the PageToFame payout! Check out the winners, and find out what they’re going to do with their prize money (besides pay rent!).

Rating for the “5 Page Challenge” and “Shorts” is underway. Come on back and read the continuation of your favorites or some shorter work. Watch our highlight video to see the other cool stuff we’ve added.

Query Letter help!New Toolbox Tool: Query Letter Examples & Advice Widget

Ready to query a literary agent? Not sure where to start? WEbook recently added query letter examples equipped with tips as you read. We’ve included queries submitted through AgentInbox that garnered multiple manuscript requests from top agents! Read them and get advice now!

The Very Best of WEbook Poetry Has Arrived!

Poets!Over 40 poets contributed to the 2009 collection of verse, each of them selected by the community. These pages are full of love, betrayal, hope, failure, and everything in between. Each poet brings his/her unique perspective and passion to the book. Order your copy today on!

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