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WEbook November Newsletter
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AgentInbox Success! WEbooker Signs with an Agent

Aspiring author Corey_Whaley (John Corey Whaley in the real world) used our new author-to-agent service — AgentInbox  — in October, just after the beta launch. He submitted his young adult novel – a book that has been festering in him since 2005, but in a few short days, one of our participating agents requested a full manuscript and by the end of the week, Corey_Whaley had signed on with a prominent literary agent! A (the) dream come true? We think so. Find out more about Corey_Whaley and his path to publication on the WEbook blog!NaNoWriMo Participants -- Write On at WEbook!

It is well into November—almost time for turkey and taters, and almost time for all those NaNoWriMo’s out there to wrap up their hard earned novels! From everyone here at WEbook, we are wishing you brilliance and diligence on your way to the 50,000 word finish line. Keep the coffee flowing, the chocolate plentiful and write on! When midnight hits on the 30th (or after a few nights of rest and recuperation) bring your writing, in any state of completion, to WEbook for some much-deserved feedback. If you are feeling especially proud, you can even submit your novel to leading literary agents through our new AgentInbox service. Spread the word, good luck and see you next month!
Poets & Writers Share Their Wisdom with Us

As part of our ongoing to partnership with Poets & Writers, the nation’s largest non-profit literary organization for creative writers, WEbook is excited to introduce Poets & Writers’s “Top Ten Topics for Writers.”  Are you wondering where you can publish your short story?  Do you want to know more about MFA programs? How about strategies for getting  publicity? You’ll find the answers to all of these questions, and much more!

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Shout out this month to a new, active WEbooker!

Penname:  Awix

Joined: 10/16/2009

From Awix's About Me:
The economic downturn and various other real-world issues have have given me the opportunity to work seriously at my writing for the first time in ages. I'm currently trying to crank out 4,500 words every day until the end of November, which would give me the basis of a novel to work on. I'm not always managing it, though. Beats working for a living anyway...

Claim to Fame:
I once spilled my pint on the wife of a two-times Hugo Award nominee.

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