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AgentInbox in Action -- Don't Be Scared!

We could just tell you that AgentInbox, our new author-to-agent submission service, is unbelievably cool, but wouldn't you rather decide for yourself? Whether you're ready to pitch an agent or not, check out this video tutorial to see how simple it is.

NYTimes Bestselling Author, Ben Mezrich, on WEbook

Remember that movie about those brainiacs from M.I.T. who went to Vegas and won all that money by counting cards at the blackjack table? Well, it was a book first, called Bringing Down the House, and it sold more than two million copies. Mezrich's latest is called The Accidental Billionaires and it's about the founders of Facebook. But all that's just back story. Ben Mezrich's on the WEbook blog for one more day and he's taking questions for an eventual Q&A.


Poets & Writers Teams with WEbook

It's said that the first sentence of any book is the most important, and for good reason. Nothing draws you in--or scares you off--faster than the very first words in a story. Poets & Writers Magazine, the esteemed literary publication, certainly knows a thing or two about what it means to tell a story. Lucky for you, WEbook is partnering with them to share a bit of their wisdom, starting with their very awesome regular feature called "Page One," which gathers some of the best first lines of books old and new. 

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SeaUrchin was one of only two poets to have all three of her poems selected for the upcoming poetry anthology entitled The Very Best of WEbook Poetry 2009.

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Writer, poet, editor, teacher, psychologist (ok, well, a parent, then), wife, mother, dog-trainer, lover, maid, clown, chauffeur, nurse, creator, planner, deviator, Zumba dancer, chef, laugh-lover.

Winning Poems for WEbook Upcoming Poetry Anthology:
"A Note to My Father in Brighton"
"Je Vois Tout"
"The Reading"

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