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PageToFame Winners!

We recently elevated the first batch of Round 3 submissions! Being elevated out of the final round of PageToFame means that over 200 readers rated a part of their writing, and most of them loved it! These manuscripts will be part of WEbook’s Literary Agent Showcase, where they’ll be shopped around to eagerly waiting literary agents.


Here are the profiles of the first 4 winning authors:

Want to see your name on this list? Start here.

Writing Challenge Recap

In case you haven’t been counting, we’ve run 19 writing challenges to date. To celebrate, we’re linking back to the #1 winning entry for each challenge. Enjoy the ride!

For You | Now Hiring | Snapped | Creamed Misery | The Forgotten Ones | My Legend | Someday | The Invasion | Uranus Casper Phelps | Slice of Life | Sunday School Story | Gasoline and Lavender | To You, From Me | Smoke, Mirrors, and Water Balloons | Little Wing | Bumps, Bruises, Scars and Smiles | A Day in the Life of a Repo Man.

Our Halloween Pumpkin Challenge is currently open to submissions. You could be the next winner, but only if you write a spooky pumpkin tale!

New AgentInbox Agents

We’ve added a few new active literary agents to AgentInbox, and we’d like to introduce them to the community. Here are our three latest additions and a few of the genres they represent:

Melissa Pimentel, Curtis Brown: Literary Fiction, Biography/Narrative Non-Fiction, Entertainment, Politics & Current Affairs

Yishai Seidman, Dunow, Carlson, and Lerner: Action/Adventure, Coming of Age, Crime, Experimental, Graphic Novel, Literary

Elizabeth Jote, Objective Entertainment: Children's, Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction, Humor/Satire, Literary, Multicultural,

Want to submit to one them?       

Got Writers Block?

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Featured Member

Lives in Georgia with her husband and two children. Author of Undisclosed, one of the winning PageToFame submissions.

Inspiration for Undisclosed?
My husband once asked me, "Imagine what it would be like to be completely on your own, have no one but yourself to rely on?" The story was born from that question.

What color would you use to describe your writing?
I would pick a very natural color like green or brown. I tend to write when I feel the need to, and in very long, naturally occurring sessions. So, green!

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