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WEbook September Newsletter
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Want to cut through the clutter and mystery of pitching agents? Is your manuscript or proposal ready? Well, what are you waiting for? AgentInbox, you say. What's that? It's WEbook's groovy new online submission tool that enables authors like you to pitch some of the best agents in the business. Want to see who? Or better yet, why? Heck, why don't you just check it out? And once you're blown away, [~Forward~]forward this email to a friend[~EndForward~].

Find Out Who Won the Poetry Vote!

WEbook Poets, the time has arrived. The voting is done,  the selections have been made: 65 poems from 47 poets. The Very Best of WEbook Poetry 2009. We even organized the collection into tidy sections. See who won. If your brilliant verse somehow got overlooked, congratulate the winners. If you're one of the winners, be gracious, for you will soon be in print and available on the Internets.

Meet Esther Cohen, new "My Writing Life" Columnist

Esther Cohen, she of the numerous books in print (Book Doctor, God is a Tree, Don't Mind Me and Other Jewish Lies, etc.) and teacher of up-and-coming writers, is joining the WEbook blog as a contributor. Every week (or so), she'll be penning a column dedicated to the writing life. And she wants to hear from you! So don't anger Esther, or she's likely to give you big a hug and tell you everything will be alright. Alright?

Vinny Whiskers Author Blazes Through Blogosphere

Road Trip!  The Legend of Vinny Whiskers author Gregory Kemp is taking Boomer, Punky, and the gang on a two-week virtual book tour! Beginning October 1st , Greg will be zipping through the “tubes” of the internet on his way to five different blog Q & As. Learn all about Greg, who his favorite Vinny character is (you’ll be surprised), and what advice he has to help get young people to read. If these five interviews don't tell you everything you ever wanted to know then ask Greg directly.

Jayne Gets a Blog; Marley Barley Celebrates

Jayne Bonilla, author of Shirt for Dessert and one-woman marketing miracle is live on her own blog. Check in with Jayne and read about her life, her work, and how much she misses her newly-off-to-college son. (Hint: a lot.) Jayne is tearing up south Florida promoting Shirt for Dessert, so if you want to see how it's done, Jayne's the master. Now, sit back and watch her work.

As always, WEbook wants to hear from you. Drop a note to info webook com.

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