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Expert Raters Lead Us
To The PageToFame Finish Line

The final round of PageToFame (Round 3) is open for voting. Yes! That means we'll announce the first batch of winners soon! Round 3 Expert Raters are busy reviewing 50-page samples. They are putting time, sweat and lots of thoughtful opinions into PageToFame submissions. Meet some of our favorite Round 3 Raters:

Expert Rater BadgeRhindraVekrah

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Your Profile: Keep it Current

When was the last time you updated your WEbook profile? A week…two weeks…a few months? If it’s been a while, give that profile a polish! With all of the new PageToFame badges, profiles are more colorful than ever. If you need some inspiration, check out these profiles, filled to the brim with great info: 




Wall of Fame Shout-Outs

Wondering what gets elevated in PageToFame? Dream scenes, vampires or how-to cook books? The Wall of Fame is updated each week with recently elevated submissions. Check out some of the winners! Last week we elevated 'Shorts' for the first time. Read some of the work that made the 'Short' list:

Then...I Exhale by dnaleristap
Assumptions by RCLewis
The Unloaded Gun by Tracy_Moses
The Man With No Name by DavidKWeaver

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A teacher who writes or a writer who teaches...

Valuable P2F feedback from a reader?
One PageToFame rater gave me high marks but pointed out a section that could use more emotion. I felt like something was missing there, and they helped me pinpoint it.

First story you ever wrote?
My brother and I started a tag-team Star Trek fan fiction story when I was in my early teens. It didn't get far, though, and I don't remember anything else about it.  My Round 3 entry is my first "serious" attempt at a story.

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