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Page 1 Challenge


As if waking up with a splitting headache in the middle of nowhere and dressed like Lady Guinevere isn't weird enough, high school senior Dara Douglas is about to discover three things: time travel is real, this isn't her first trip, and true love doesn't necessarily lead to happily ever after.

Page 1


The deliberate scuffing along the hardwood floor alerted him to her presence. She stopped just outside their parents room. Mr. Gruffy hung from one small hand, the other gripped the door knob.

“Where’s Mommy?” asked a sleepy eyed, five-year-old Dara. Pink fuzzy slippers swallowed her feet and the picture of Josie and the Pussy Cats on the front of her thin cotton nightie had cracked and peeled, the result of one too many washings.

Dash shoved the scrap of paper in his pocket. “She had to go out for a while.” His voice broke with the lie. He couldn’t tell her the truth, their parents were missing. At fifteen he shouldn’t have to. “But I’ve got a surprise for you. We’re going to the carnival today.”

“Without Mommy and Daddy?” 

“That’s right. It’s our special day.”

She eyed him carefully. Dash scooped her up and carried her into the other room. Little arms wrapped tight around him and she buried her face in his neck.

  “How ‘bout I make us some pancakes before we go?”

“Okaaay!” she said, wiggling with excitement, her legs madly swinging back and forth. Wide awake now, she gave him a bright gap toothed grin. “I wanna ride the merry-go-round. Can we?”

“Sure kiddo.” Dash set her down. “Go get ready while I start breakfast.”

  “Yippee!” She galloped down the hall on a pretend pony.

Dash lit the burner then grabbed a box of Bisquik from the cabinet. Waiting for the pan to heat he pulled the note from his pocket, as if rereading it would make it different.   

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