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Page 1 Challenge


I'm just like you. Honestly, I’ve read The Mortal Instruments and The Vampire Diaries, I’ve watched Underworld and Twilight, I loved them all, but even they, combined with my very overactive imagination could not have prepared me for Alchera.

Page 1


FIRST CONDUCTION: (Communication Transmission)

‘This world’, as opposed to my ‘other world’, (the world you know as home) has a name.  Long ago the transients named it Alchera.  A transient is someone who is a ‘go between’; they haven’t fully transitioned yet and they have the ability to seemingly co-exist, in two realities. I say ‘seemingly,’ because it’s not that simple to co-exist, it’s one of the most dangerous periods for any transient and it often ends in tragedy.

 Alchera means ‘dreamtime’, so it’s understandable and symbolic, that this reality is known by that name.

Dreams. . . they're frequent and suspect to those who are becoming transients and after the first time they shift, their dreams increase in frequency and magnify in sentiment. I can tell you from experience,  It’s disorientating, not being sure whether the thing you are doing right now,  is the thing that you would usually do when you get out of bed in the morning, or whether it is a part of another reality.  It’s a struggle, daily, sometimes even hourly, determining one reality from the next. I've been that person who has woken up thinking it was just another day, and that the things I thought were in my head were actually me going mad, and trust me, the people around me, thought I had. What they and I didn't know at the time, was that I was actually experiencing Alchera.

Ari kinda forgot to mention these things to me. Alternate realities. Lycans. Nosferatu. Dangels. I really must thank him.


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