Tide of Darkness

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Page 1 Challenge


In this high fantasy tale, a young woman strays from desirable social commitments, instead preparing to lead an army. She soon discovers a villainous plot against her people.
The future will always come, so decide if your path will be the result of your own choices, or someone else's.

Page 1

I should give this dress to a dragon so that it will be either burned to oblivion or horded for the multitude of shiny jewels.

The mere presence of the gown taunts me. The sheerness of the shoulders is embarrassing. Affixed lace flowers are unacceptable flair. The dress shimmers, as if it's hungry for light, eager to draw more attention to itself. That's why she selected it. My silhouette is to be on display, and this garment without breathability is to draw every eye. I'm to look like I accept being the prince's prize. That's her goal, not mine.

It appears that there's no easy way to conceal my daggers under that heinousness. Royalty never carries their own weapons. They are content to let others do the protecting or rescuing. I am not going to marry Prince Gabe. I'm not wearing that.

The dress is her favorite color, of course. She'll claim she selected the fabric because this shade makes people feel safer. The sapphire embellishments match her eyes. She would point out mine match the jewels too. Those gems are another reminder that I have inherited my looks from her. A subtle stab. My mother will not get the best of me today.

Snubbing the clingy gown, I tie the laces on my silver tunic-style vest. My dad brought this for me. It isn't dirty, tattered, or bloodstained; nor is it tight, revealing, or blue. I head downstairs after putting my blonde hair into a bun.

"Do I look alright?"

"Strong and ready," my dad replies.

 My mother spots me.

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