The Art of Door

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Page 1 Challenge


Sylvia, a progressive feminist at Adrianne University, has her world rocked from the murder of a friend.  When she confronts the death, she realizes that she must also confront her friends.  The rift places her in unfamiliar territory-- in the arms of a conventional guy named Jude.

Page 1

“What are the root causes of Ophelia’s insanity and death?” questioned Sylvia.

There was a long silence.

“Did anyone read it?” she asked.

Everyone just shuffled.

The professor had divided the class into several groups, and somehow, someway, obviously by some streak of incredible luck, Jude was placed in the same group as Sylvia.  He knew that destiny had brought him this close, and a stupid comment could rip it away.  He silently debated his answer-- hoping that another would speak first.

“I’ve got to have group ideas,” Sylvia prodded impatiently, emphasizing the word ‘group’ with condescension.

But Jude wasn't brave enough to speak.  He had first seen Sylvia two and a half years earlier, at a rally in the middle of campus.  She was standing silently next to a loud woman, and from that time until now, he had wished for a chance-- a chance to meet her, a chance to be in the same class, a chance to be in the same discussion group.  But now that he had the chance, he was blowing it.

“She was a wack job,” opined Chuck ineloquently.

And Jude's incredible streak of luck continued.

Chuck, better looking and with much larger biceps, had just taken himself out of the running.  For the next few moments, he could illustrate stupidity, while Jude could contemplate brilliance.  

“Awh?!” Sylvia groaned.

And Chuck continued, “she’s as fruity as bean pole.  She just lies there in the water and dies.  She doesn’t even . . .”

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