The Rabbit Man

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    Fiction: Sci Fi/Fantasy, General
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Page 1 Challenge


The world has changed. Meat is forbidden, food intake tightly controlled by government agents. Global warming is a reality, London swelters in a never ending summer. The population is decimated in the wake of the Sickness last year, criminal activity is rife and those left must fight to survive.

Page 1

He bends over the cages in the dark, crooning to the squirming pink kits illuminated by the illegal tallow lamp he holds aloft. A new batch birthed this morning in spite of the old hag's rune readings; grinning, he runs bony fingers over the knotted twine, feeling where the older rabbits have tried to gnaw their way out, making a clicking noise between his tongue and remaining teeth. Another thing to fix. He straightens up as much as the low ceiling will allow and turns to go, leaving the mewling rabbits in the burnt black darkness.

He blinks upstairs like a red eye - everything looks different, he sees his mother standing with her back to him, pegging clean white sheets onto a line. He calls out to her but she won't turn around and then she's gone and the sheets aren't white but burnt and dirty and there's a shouting and hollering and banging like the end of the world is standing on his doorstep, trying to break in.

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