Luna Morba

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Page 1 Challenge


Cameron is a recent college graduate looking forward to starting his life. He had no idea that stopping at a rest area would catapult him into an unknown world and a feud he has nothing to do with. Not to mention that nothing could have prepared him for her.

Page 1


I find that fate is an interesting concept. The idea that some things happen simply because we believe they were supposed to happen has always been intriguing to me. I’m not so sure I am totally sold on the idea that life is a series of predetermined, predestined events without any hope of changing or altering its outcome. What kind of world would it be without the hope or promise of change?  

I guess I do believe that we make choices every day that affect our present and ultimately our future. Can you imagine if the world believed there was no opportunity to make better, wiser decisions to make us better people? Because the decisions we make in life are the very fiber in which we create our own destiny, right? Without the hope of change, the Grinch’s heart would have remained three sizes too small. Scrooge would have had to bear chains which were ten times as heavy as Jacob Marley.  

Every decision we make should be made with our futures in mind. I would never have thought stopping at a rest area was the kind of decision that could change the course of my life, but it did. It really did.  

It was two o’clock in the morning when I decided I had pushed myself as far as I could go. I had decided that I would not drive any further without first making a quick stop.  After ten long hours, three small cups of coffee, a Pepsi and four bottles of Aquafina, my bladder had finally reached its limit. Realizing this, I pulled into the I-55 North rest area just 

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