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Page 1 Challenge


Amelia is a young girl dealing with theft; of her childhood, of her innocence, and does some stealing of her own. After witnessing a pedestrian get hit by a car, she decides to take the bag the pedestrian was carrying and see if she can't become someone else.

Page 1

Thick raindrops falling with mass that seems equal to blocks of lead, create gorgeous holes in the puddles, the kind that slow-motion cameras make look like magic. Where the raindrop forces its way into the mini-depth of the puddle and the area around the impact point seems to stretch, bending without breaking. The ellipse formed by the ripples of water spreads outwards, followed uniformly by more, smaller ripples like clockwork children following their parents. The sound of sneakers, dress shoes, boots, galoshes pad the pavement all around. One set moves faster than the rest. It's a girl, maybe 15; a little too punk rock, emo maybe, for her own good. But she’ll eventually grow out of it. She's got a blue hoodie, the zip up kind, soaked through with the hood and shoulders several shades darker than the rest, but somehow it’s helping to make her feel better about the rain. It's a little big for her with its should-be-chest-level logo of some obscure local band hanging several inches lower, the sleeves falling past her fingertips. She grabs the inside of the sleeve to turn it in around her fingers, making a fist with the wet cotton balled up inside, the sleeves pulled more taut. The tip of the hood hangs over her forehead dripping water down over her far-too-pale face. Partially hidden by dyed dark red hair, mascara that, although she hasn't been crying one bit, was at one point neatly applied now races from each eye towards corners of a mouth slightly upturned into a smile.

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