The Ice Cave

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    Fiction: Action/Adventure, Sci Fi/Fantasy
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Page 1 Challenge


After a restless girl uncovers a secret laboratory behind a bookshelf in her school library, the race is on through tundra and time to stop a wayward explorer from exposing the world to secrets that should stay frozen...

Page 1

The bench was cluttered with jars of rocks and shells and thick tufts of fur. Several jars held large spike-shaped crystals that scattered the flashlight beam into blue daggers. Jane put her face closer to the jar she could feel whispy tendrils of sublimating water against her cheek. She turned her flashlight off and squinted at the faintly pulsing blue light that was issuing from what looked like an icicle. Jane reached out to touch the jar but pulled her hand back immediately when she felt her fingertips burning. Shaking her hand against the frost-nip, and suspending her disbelief she continued her investigation.

Careful not to touch any glowing jars, Jane swept the bits and pieces of brass and cobwebs into a wooden crate.  From ashelf she pulled down a heavy leather bound book with marbled edging and a thick coat of cobwebs. Jane thumbed her way through rough pencil sketches of bizarre machines and page after page of incomprehensible calculations . Jane stopped to read the article entitled “Local Man Seeks Fortune in Frozen North” dated 8 August 1905.

Arthur Levine, local merchant, left early Saturday morning on the Northern Prairie Express. Mr. Levine has packed various prospecting implements into six wooden crates that will be transferred to a dog-drawn sled as soon as he reaches the end of the railroad line. Though Mr. Levine has not divulged the purpose or length of the expedition but the nature and bulk of his luggage suggests that he is on a scientific mission… 

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