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Page 1 Challenge


Meet Erica. She's lost everything. She's a recently divorced single mother.. well... that's not quite true. With her daughter dead, she now has to find out if her ex-husband is the culprit, but what she finds might surprise her. Follow Erica into the depths of her grief and try to make it out alive.

Page 1

Sun fell through the leaves like rain, splashing light over Erica's blonde hair as she walked. The summer wind had a lance of cold in it. Autumn would come soon. Erica knew her daughter would have liked this forest. The girl had always liked to take walks with her mother, away from the noise and bustle of their home. Now, however, Erica walked alone. Despite the scratching of small animals in the underbrush, the inane rush of the river filling the air with sound, the forest was far too quiet for the turmoil that was twisting through Erica's gut. Pebbles skittered out from under Erica's sandals, the smell of the river stinging her nostrils and clinging to her skin. She was glad. She wanted to take this peace, what she could of it, with her. She wrapped her arms around herself, her eyes closing as she slowly came to a stop. The forest had no right to be peaceful, not now. It should have been louder. The river, low from a hot and rainless summer, should have been a roaring waterfall. The forest should have been on fire... something. Something, anything that would reflect her agony.

Her legs gave out from under her, sending her hard onto her knees. She didn't even feel the stones digging into her jean-clad legs. Her arms were still wrapped around her; she was convinced that she would fly apart otherwise. Her whole body felt numb. "Stop..." She begged nobody in particular, tears falling from her eyes and slipping down under her chin. They were salty, but they were the wrong salt.

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