The Knights of Pamelot

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    Fiction: Young Adult/Juvenile, Sci Fi/Fantasy
  • Submitted: March 19, 2015


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Page 1 Challenge


Come on a quest to never being born.

Page 1

At first, all I can see when I look up is a pair of shiny bright blue eyes peering down at me from behind a small torch. Then, just as suddenly as they appeared, they disappear. In the time it takes me to gasp, the blue eyes are watching me once more. This time, they are blinking at me from the base of the enormous tree. Making their way toward me, I can now see the twinkling eyes are topped with the bushiest white eyebrows I have ever seen. The tiny man stands no taller than three feet and has a bushy white beard to match his unruly eyebrows.

“Was that you whispering?”

With a wave of his hand, the tiny man chuckles, “Oh, no. Those were faeries.”


“Of Course”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Sentry. I’m a gnome, of course,” flicking the tip of his pointed ear. “I’m the gatekeeper for the Passage Tree.”

“I thought elves had pointy ears.”

“Most woodland folk have pointy ears. ”

Seeing no good reason not to believe the little gnome, “Oh,” is all I manage to say.

“This is a really strange dream.”

“Tis no dream, girl. You are in The Realm of Possibility. You came by way of the Passage Tree, of course. But enough about that, let’s get your journey started then. Come, come.”

“What journey?”

“The one in which you are never born, of course. Here now, take these. You can’t go wandering around the The Realm improperly dressed, now can you?”

Before I can say anything, the gnome tosses a pair of soft, calfskin boots next to my sock clad feet. He’s does have a point. 

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