Miles Murphy and the Ring of Truth

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Miles Murphy is a 14 year old baseball phenom when his parents send him to Ireland as an exchange student.  On a trip to an ancient tomb, he meets the aged Bel, Celtic god of truth and light.  Using the Ring of Truth given to him, Miles must defeat an ancient evil that has returned to the world

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Miles Murphy couldn’t believe it.  His mom was explaining her reasoning to him and he simply could not believe it.  It just wasn’t possible.  Clearly, there was some kind of mistake or misunderstanding.  They, his parents that is, must not have thought this idea through.  Miles stood there, open mouthed and mute, listening to his mom, Eileen, explain what a wonderful time he was going to have on this trip.  His dad, Frank, was standing there as well, grinning idiotically and nodding like a bobblehead to every word that came out of Mrs. Murphy’s mouth.  All Miles could think was that his life was ruined and they didn’t care one bit.  No, that wasn’t quite true, he thought.  They did care in their own way, but they were just really ignorant and horribly, horribly misguided.

Problems always started for Miles when his mom got one of her “ideas.”  You know, the kind of idea that she just thought was brilliant.   The kind where she was completely convinced that it would be the “best thing for everyone involved!”   This kind of thinking explained several incidents such as a few really bad haircuts for both Miles and his dad.  What kind of person actually bought things like the “Flowbee home hair-cutting system” that was only advertised on late night infomercials?  It also explained how Miles had ended up taking his 3rd cousin to his eighth grade homecoming dance.  Now, his parents had decided, without his input, to ship him off to Ireland as an exchange student.  

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