Down to the Bones

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    Fiction: Literary, Thriller/Suspense
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Page 1 Challenge


In the aftermath of her father’s suicide, Olive returns home from college and makes a vile discovery which sets off a storm amongst the family gathered for the wake.  When secrets spill out and a letter demanding payment for their father’s secret debts arrives, the situation spins out of control.

Page 1

When I left for college, I meant never to return to the farm, but less than two months later, I stood next to my sister in Peace Church again as the old man in his saggy black suit opened the double-doors. The painfully familiar sound of the door handles made my eyes well up. “It’s okay,” I murmured as the crowd poured towards us in a black wave, but it was my little lame sister Annalou who pressed a handkerchief into my palm.

Aunt Rachel reached us first, her golden eyes now hard and gray as river rocks, flicked to our father’s closed casket. She grasped our hands in hers and squeezed. “What else could we expect in this family but tragedies? There wasn’t anything you two could have done about it.” White streaked down my Aunt’s thick red braid like a candy cane. Or a barber pole.

“Tragedies?” I blushed to hear the reference to our father’s drinking binges. We thought that no one else knew. My eyes wandered down the line of women worrying if their white slips showed under their black dresses, of children in their stiff Sunday clothes trying to keep their shoes quiet on the linoleum. Did all of them know? Is that why the men looked at their shoes?

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