A...Badman (comicbook script) novel

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    Fiction: Action/Adventure, Graphic Novel
  • Submitted: August 22, 2011


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Page 1 Challenge


Years ago, James Swanson was a high-trained corporate mercenary, who lost everything dear to him due to his mental instability.  Now, living in one of NYC's most dangerous housing projects, he is forced to protect his home against those who want to see him and the projects destroyed.

Page 1

Chapter One

Part One: Rebirth of the killing machine

EXT: Descending into an unknown location. Buildings are damaged by an unknown war. Bodies are lying across the streets and sidewalks; blood is slowly dripping down the street, flowing down into a gutter with a gate. Upon the gate, and partially in the gutter, is the dead body of a soldier. His eyes are staring emotionless into space as thin trails of blood are coming from a bullet-hole in his forehead. Large portions of brain fragments are scattered underneath the head, like chunky ground beef, slurping in its’ own gravy.

EXT: Military issued boots are stepping over the body to avoid tripping in haste.

EXT: Grim faces of soldiers are showing no remorse as their eyes are flashing determination to kill someone of great importance.

EXT: A black soldier is running down the street. Sweat is beading on his dirty face. He turns around to see his hunters on his trail. Firing wildly at him. He spins and drops down to one knee. Returning fire, he sprays the area with a hail of bullets. Hitting some of his hunters before getting off his knee, to resume running.

EXT: The soldier makes a desperate move by heading towards a section of the street, which is literally covered with burning wreckages of vehicles. Wide streams of fire and columns of black smoke are smoldering from them, as he uses them to duck and dodge the bullets that are following him.

EXT: Bullets are bouncing and marking up some of the

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