Beyond Every Mirror

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Page 1 Challenge


They say love lives forever. For Dane, love is reincarnated beyond every mirror, portals to an anachronistic dimension in time where he must die so his true love can live.

Page 1

The Perfect Dream 

 It was the perfect dream. The taste of human blood in her mouth, on her tongue, warming its way through her body. She drew in a deep breath, the smell sweet yet coppery. He lay beneath her in complete submission and when she opened her eyes his dim blue gaze met hers. Long wavy black hair splayed out on the floor beneath his head. He was so beautiful, yet she knew he could not live. She needed his blood, his strength, and his power to fill her; his blood was the strongest of all.

Just a few more sips and he would be dead. She needed to feel his death so she could live. Though he spoke no words, his eyes pleaded with her, please spare my life. Don’t let me die only to rise again and feed your hunger repeatedly for all eternity.

But that’s exactly what he was—all he was! Sustenance to keep her strong and make her the most powerful of them all. She knew she couldn’t love him—a mere mortal born only for food, strength and immortaility.  Yet somewhere deep within there was love, and guilt for taking his life.

However, as the need for ultimate power grew stronger, the urge to take that last drink became overwhelming. His heart would stop and he would be gone—for now. Within the next yearly cycle he would return again, his blood more powerful, serving her needs yet again. Each year by the Mikairian calendar he would be there—forever. Feeding her!

Slowly, she sank her fangs once more into the soft flesh of his throat…

And then she awoke, calling his name.

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