World War Dragons

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Page 1 Challenge


World War Dragons is the result of one of the contests sponsored by Webook. It evolved into a series of vignettes of life far from the front. The premise was simple: Show a man killing a dragon.  In the near future, the world has been invaded by dragons. A stalwart few defend humanity.

Page 1

It would be magnificent if I didn't hate it so much. It doesn't see me. I hope you're watching, sis. It's 2022. I'm a 50 year old grandmother flying great-grandpa's Fokker Triplane over the English Channel and hunting a dragon. It sounds even stranger when you say it out loud.

Dragons once only existed in storybooks and really good CGI. They showed up over Norway first and started preying on the reindeer. The first witnesses were laughed off. Then a dragon was seen on a live broadcast.

We don't know much about them. They have several bases in the north. Once discovered, they sent a simple message: This world ours. We tried diplomacy. They ate the ambassadors. A group descended on a packed football stadium. Only a few dozen made it out. You were one of the first casualties.

We fought them with jets and heat seeking missiles. For all their size, they can outfly and outmaneuver a modern jet. We destroyed one of their bases. They sank an aircraft carrier. In the first six months of fighting, a third of the world's fighter jets were destroyed.

Why am I here? Radar showed dragons approaching the coast. We had no defenses. While civilians were evacuated, we scraped together anything that could fly and sent them up to defend the nation. In our squadron, everything was 60+ years old. Amazingly, we won. We shot down six dragons. We found a weakness. If they try to match our airspeed, they stall.

It's a stalemate now. They control Alaska, Siberia, Sweden, Norway, and Canada.

That shadow..

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