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Page 1 Challenge


John lost his family to Hurricane Andrew. Now he and a team of friends are planning on pulling off a huge heist of his former bosses' casino in San Diego where they plan on using high-tech to stage a category five hurricane to cause a massive evacuation and get an open window of opportunity.

Page 1

The spaghetti map for Tristen gave hope to only a handful of San Diego resident's who still planned on holding out.  After the devastation to the Tampa Bay Area month's earlier, and Houston before that, most residents had heeded the warning and the massive one-point-four-million people in San Diego began mandatory evacuation.

In the navigation camper, parked deep inside the mandatory evacuation zone, the computer screens flickered as John leaned in over Angel's workspace. "Nice effect."

"That wasn't me, John. Keith is trying to wire into the satellite array. Devlin should be out there to supervise him. I know he's your son and all, but he doesn't exactly have a good track record."

"Where's Devlin?"

"Where do you think? He's probably knuckle deep in Sandra's panties."

"God damn it!" John keys up the portable, "Devlin."


Angel leans back in his ergonomic chair and folds his hands. He says, "I told you we should have kept the convoy clustered up over here."

"Eat my ass, Angel."

"I always blush when you're angry, John."

"How many relays are between our position and his?"

"Three or four-"

"I guess I could walk it."

"-You know I love it when you talk dirty to me."

John grabs the back of the chair with one hand and effortlessly glides Angel back into his workspace. He takes care not to pull the aluminum door from the hinge as he opens it.

"I love my son and all, but Keith could fuck up a wet dream. If he doesn't get us up and running, someone on the east coast is going to make us

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