Dark Apprentice

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Page 1 Challenge


In a society structured by caste and gender, Hunter doesn't have a lot of options—especially since she has a unique gift for magic. An apprenticeship with the only known dark sorcerer with a conscience is an amazing opportunity, but it requires sacrifice and patience.

Page 1

Hunter stared at the carved wooden door. Finally, she knocked.

It opened, revealing a face younger and more ordinary than she expected. Perhaps he had a servant?

“Hello,” Hunter spoke. “I am here to see Master Franklin.”

“You see him now.”

“Oh.” Hunter blinked. Her well-rehearsed script was already worthless. “Master Gonland sent me.”

Franklin's eyebrows rose. “You are Hunter?”

 “Yes, sir,” Hunter nodded. “Master Gonland did not mention that I am female?”

“No, it must have slipped his mind.” Franklin’s eyes unfocused. She wondered how carefully Gonland had worded his letters to avoid gendered pronouns.

Franklin’s sharp gaze returned. “He also told me to expect you tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir. I took a shuttle.” Hunter flushed. She had spent too much to shorten her travel. Her new life was—hopefully—here, as Franklin’s apprentice.

Not if he turns me away because I’m a girl, she thought. Gonland did me no favors by surprising him.

“Let me see your left arm,” Franklin murmured.

Hunter scowled. “I haven’t renounced my femininity.”

Easy, Hunter, her mother whispered in her mind.

“Sir,” she added in a mumble.

One corner of Franklin’s mouth twitched. He stared at her left sleeve, but did not repeat his demand. “So should I fear that you will quit one day to enter a marriage or breeding contract?”

Something clicked in Hunter’s mind. He didn't ask because he would disdain her for renouncing her femininity—he wanted her to bear the mark of androgyny.

“No, sir. I want to learn dark magic.”

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