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Page 1 Challenge


God was truly an artist when he created the world. In the springtime look around you and you'll feel Gods presence? As buds bloom on skeleton trees and shoots sprout from the grey earth, new life emerges as the theme of spring. Look at the glorious wonders that create the theme for the seasons.

Page 1

I have Christians tell me all the time that they are searching, trying to discover the Lord's will and purpose for their life. I find this really interesting -- as if this purpose is some great mystery, an undiscovered territory that once found will bring great enlightenment.

I've got news for you and me: it doesn't work that way in any situation. Look at Christopher Columbus -- he was looking for China -- he found our country. The guy who "invented" Post It notes was trying to develop super glue, but instead failed and found glue that wouldn't stick. The list of explorers and pioneers throughout history goes on and on with stories of perseverance resulting in discoveries of great value -- many times the most significant of which were accidental and unintended.

The one key ingredient in all these and other discoveries is this: they got started.

This might seem simplistic, but it is also critical. If you don't start you can't finish. When I played football the coach was fond of telling us to, "Play with reckless abandonment." If you are afraid you will probably get hurt and you certainly won't be successful. The same is true in life. Phillip understood and modeled this concept -- when (verse 29) "The Spirit told Philip, "Go to that chariot and stay near it." -- (verse 30) "Philip ran up to the chariot." He didn't stand around and wonder if this was what God intended; he didn't list pros and cons; he didn't evaluate his spiritual giftedness he hustled to the task. 

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