Magic Incident Zero

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Page 1 Challenge


Police Clerk Sam McClanahan is a minor wizard in a dying profession. After stopping a pirate raid, he finds an impossible magic has enslaved thousands. More frightening, it is only a fragment of something larger. To reverse the effect, he must search the world for something that may not even exist.

Page 1

Summer Festival was over. In the police station, I was sealing vampire ashes in acryllic. Next, a werewolf needed defanging. I'm joking. We don't have magic like that.

Festival had been quiet this year. Even the drunk tank was empty. The carnival had left town and that meant missing kids. Three or four are normal. Kids think road life is free, easy, and fun. Fun, yes. Free and easy are debatable. Roads aren't paved with gold and the work is harder, not easier.

I was off at eight. I rarely do night shift but I was filling in. I mostly shuffle paperwork. When things are slow, I chart crime. It is a hobby but several times my work has led to arrests. Should I blowtorch or chart data? A new packet had arrived. Blowtorching was more fun but I needed a good hour.

I checked my maps. There was a disturbing trend. Other offices had seen it too. While murder and burglary were down statewide, we had more missing person cases in the last three years than in the previous decade. Nationwide, it was even worse. Serial killers had been suggested but there were no bodies and no patterns.

I was charting data when I was called to the front desk. A guy was looking for his kid. Before I could stand, my phone rang. The carnival owner was missing several employees. Did we have them? As we talked, Anne's phone rang. She waved at me frantically. My housekeeper's grandson was missing. My blood pressure spiked and my coffee cup exploded.  If this was Lenny doing Mickey Finns again, it was personal now.

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